Monday, December 20, 2010

Angelic Possession?

This weekend I was asked an interesting question...."Can an Angel possess you and work through you?" emphatic answer was no...but let me explain.

Angels, by Spiritual Law, are not allowed to interfere in our lives unless we ask them to. They are also not allowed to enter our physical bodies. Their vibration is so high...that just a bit of time within us would blow all our circuits and possibly cause us to spontaneously combust. I'm not kidding on this one. Can they influence us with words of caution? Most assuredly. Can they influence us with gut feelings? Oh yes. But to house within us?...absolutely not! It goes against everything they believe in. Earth is a free will planet. We are allowed to choose or not choose everything that happens to us. Every moment, thought, etc. They are not allowed to interfere (except our Guardian Angel who sometimes pushes us out of the way of things).

If you feel that you are possessed by an Angel...I can tell you that it is no Angel. An entity in possession of you (which can happen...I've seen it with my own eyes) will and can influence you to believe that it is an Angel. But watch out! The entity can turn on you at any moment. If you know of someone mentally ill....chances are they are possessed. I know it sounds crazy but there are those who believe (Max Freedom Long for instance - who wrote "The Secret Science behind Miracles") that mental illness is actually an entity in possession.

Let me explain further. We each vibrate at a different frequency. We draw to us (like attracts like) the exact same frequency. That's why I have cautioned on here before that when you are feeling traumatized or depressed - do not ask for help. You will draw to you something that is at that frequency of pain and heartache. You need to do whatever it takes to raise your vibration at that time and then ask. I know that this is difficult to do when you're down and out but try for just a few moments to feel all the love that you can...for yourself, humanity, the earth, etc and let it fill you till you feel you will burst and then ask. You will then be drawing to yourself an Angel or messenger from Source who can actually intercede on your behalf.

There are ways to make these entities go away and to heal from them. But first, you have to realize that you have one. That's the tricky part. Other people can probably see very clearly that something is amiss but the person with the mental illness or entity in possession may not see it at all. They are being duped by the entity into believing that everything is just fine. So....what can we do? What can we do when someone we love is acting strangely? Someone whose life is all cockeyed? Someone who can't seem to catch a break? Is an addict of some kind? Keeps repeating the same hurtful things over and over again? We can contact their Higher Selves and ask for a release from the pain of what they are going through. In prayer ask that you be connected to their Guardian Angel and ask that your friend or loved ones Angel help them to find peace and deliverance from the trials they are going through. You can ask on their behalf. It is perfectly acceptable. And then release the asking to the Angels and the persons Higher Self. Knowing, believing, trusting...that all will be well.

But sometimes the prayers don't work. Sometimes the person is still possessed. A healing is then needed. I have released several entities in possession and know of others who do the same. I know of people that work solely with Angelic Energy (not possessed by one but work side by side with them). If you know of anyone needing help and your prayers are just not on help. There are many of us out there willing to do the work.

So Angels....they are wanting us to be the best that we can be. They believe or think us to be precious and courageous for being here in the physical realm where anything can befall us. How brave of us to be experience life with all of it's hardships but also all of it's joys. Would they trade their lives for ours? Do they want to be within us? No.....but they do want to help us...when we ask.


After has been mentioned to me by way of facebook that this sounds as if all people who have a mental illness are possessed by demons...not so. I apologize if that is the way that it sounds. I never mentioned demons at all. I mentioned a lower entity vibration. Many times these entities hearts are in the right place...but they are of a lower vibration and if you want to get better the vibration needs to be higher. Also, not all mentally ill people are is a theory. Depends on the situation and person. That would have to be assessed by a healer.


  1. I have had some experiences and this sounds like exactly what has happened to me. I have been tormented ever since. I have no idea what really happened and am very confused.

    1. Let me know if you need help..I know many people who can help you with this and help you to understand it too...Terri

  2. Ever heard of Metatron? He is the angelic form of Enoch, the direct descendent of Adam and ancestor to Noah. The only biblical reference is in genesis 5:24 "And Enoch walked with God: Then he was no more; for God took him." He also has his own book in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Metatron is the Angel connected to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He was charged with monitoring the development of man's knowledge. He is said to also know every secret held within every man's heart. The worst part is that because he is connected to the tree of knowledge of good and evil it technically makes him a neutral Angel.

    Neither fallen nor bound to do good it means he can posses humans. When he does it is said he is impossible to be freed from. He is not bound by the laws of other angels either fallen or not.

    1. Yes, I have Danielle. He is one of the two Angels who were physical beings who were ascended without physical death and became Angels. I had not heard of Metatron possessing humans. My theory still stands..that Angels possessing you will burn you out in a flash...their energy is too high for you to hold for very long. But these are my theories. Having worked with Angelic energy a very long time I have seen it burn out people who worked with it "too much"..Terri